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Live Dates

     Gorna's arresting live performances have been
 seen in many London venues, such as the ICA,
Jazz Cafe, Vortex, Union Chapel, The Spitz,
Ray’s Jazz and Cargo. She performed in Catania,
 Sicily (2005), at the London Jazz Festival (2004),
  Big Big World Festival (Scotland, 2005) and
   Women in Tune Festival (Wales, 2006).

      Jarmila has also composed for theatre and film,
      scoring the soundtrack to the Brunton Theatre
      Company's production of Bram Stoker's
      'Dracula' ('Gorna's gorgeous score' - Scotland
      on Sunday). She contributed to the multi-media
      show 'The Singularity' at the Albany theatre as
      part of the 1998 London International Mime
      Festival. She co-composed and performed the
      soundtrack to the documentary 'Hidden Children'
      by Sheldon Lazarus (Sky TV, 2001). She sung
      on the soundtrack of the Italian feature film
      'Luna Rossa', 2001.

      Both BBC, Polish, Spanish and Macedonian
      Radio as well as TV have featured her work and
      interviewed her.

      In 2004, she has been chosen for nomination in
      the category of 'newcomer' by the BBC Radio 3
      World Music Awards.

      As an educator, she has been a guest lecturer
      on the subject of extended vocal techniques at
      Cambridge University. She has been working
      as a private tutor in piano, voice, guitar,
      darbouka, composition and arrangement within
      the Torah-observant Jewish community of
      North London, Stamford Hill. She developed a
      unique and highly successful method of teaching
      music without the use of notation, which focuses
      on the creative empowerment of her students.
      ('She calls herself a "music facilitator" - giving
      the girls the magic key to enter the world of
      music making, which they can then develop
      themselves and become their own musical
      decision makers' - Jewish Tribune). In 2006
      and 2007 she produced two very popular shows
      - 'The Musical Malachim', featuring an ensemble
      of her students ('...a delight to experience' -