black dog

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A song of love becomes a howl of outrage.
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If a man errs spiritually in this world, the blemish wraps around and precedes him on the Day of Judgement... Rabbi Eliezer says: it is bound to him like a dog.
(Talmud, Sota 3b)

וכל העובר עבירה אחת בעוה׳׳ז מלפפתו והולכת לפניו ליום הדין… רבי אליעזר אומר קשורה בו ככלב
(סוטה, ג ע׳׳ב)



All around us our arms intertwined
Just like plants’ tendrils reaching for the sky
Our rosy kisses in glad togetherness
Time compressing less and less…

All the sins of our past now dissolve
To the outside of time they revolve…
We are the now and after and before
Time expanding more and more…

But could it be???

Black Dog
Eating away at your soul, oh come on baby
Black Dog
You cannot be with me cause you’re with that lady