‘Try to get good big speakers to listen to this album… there’s a lot in the production of it… wonderfully fruity synthesizers, great textures, layers and layers of it, a big overall thing that definitely rewards listening to it at a decent volume. You’re missing the point if you’re not hearing the whole thing. There’s a lot of work in this album…’ (John Cavanagh, Radio Six International)

‘A superb producer… of adventurous album.’ (The Musician, Spring 2019)

‘Gorna’s strong vision and obvious talent are clearly responsible for Aspaklaria’s success as an album… light and ethereal…Gorna demonstrates her vocal range, which easily extends from warm and earthy through to sharp and airy’. (Haydon Benfield, Expert Amateur)

‘Seductive ethereal garden of sounds and timbres… It is in this clear lens of Aspaklaria that Jarmila was able to focus the magic of her other-worldly voice with pulsating beats and the incredible, electronically shaped sound expanse… Phenomenal voice…’ (Radio Dla Ciebie -Radio For You, Poland)

‘Jarmila’s musical pearls’ (Polish Radio Trojka)

'This voice is special. This girl is incredible. The music is incredible... This girl is going to go far… Beautiful music... very cool...' (Rockin Rebbetzin, WSIA Staten Island 88.9fm)

‘Is there some Kate Bush in there?’ Radio Afera 98.6MHz, Poland

‘Jarmila is like a musical polymath. She’s a bit like the Ibn Ezra, and although he is a medieval Torah commentator and she’s a modern musician - so there’s quite a gap between them, but in a way it’s very much the same kind of ability to do many, many, many things well, all at the same time without seemingly specialising in one, being super confident in all of them...’ Radio Free Nachlaot



‘A maverick Swingle Singer, she ends up sounding like a Morricone score, or an entire Bulgarian choir, as her impassioned vocalising swoops through the octaves. Not to be missed.’ (The Scotsman, Scotland)
‘All human emotions are featured with drama and searing conviction. Seated at a grand piano with her keyboard at hand to trigger her amazing recorded in real time harmonies, Gorna, with her emotional honesty and vulnerability, choreographs epic soundtracks.’ (The Herald, Scotland)
‘She captivates audiences with a calm presence amidst her storming passion.’ (Kindred Spirit, UK)
‘An Alice in Wonderland of emotions, turning every deeply sad moment into an opportunity for sweetness.’ (Look on Line, Italy)
‘Electrifying, dangerous, driven and somewhat innocent - all at the same time.’ (Lust, UK)
‘Some high-pitched scream-like cries nearly moved me to tears. I imagine the uninitiated punter find her quite mad, if it wasn't for her commanding, expert and completely in control presence proving the exact opposite!’ (Women in Music, UK)

‘Crucially, she has evolved a unique style of singing without words.’ (Jewish Chronicle, UK)

'I was moved by her sheer passion and raw emotion, awe struck by her enormous talent, intrigued by her exciting originality, taken to dizzy heights by her soaring evocative voice, and touched by her tangible humanity and gentle yet spell binding stage manner and presence.' (WIT Women In Tune, Wales)




‘A sophisticated, soul bearing vision. Audacious... incredible vocal harmonies and wordless songs... A stunningly cathartic tour de force.’ (Rob Adams, The Herald, Scotland)

‘A truly remarkable album. She delivers a vast array of wordless vocal pyrotechnics: from deep sultry jazz to wild chants and soaring celestial choirs. The virtuoso piano is of the highest calibre: richly diverse and brilliantly conceived.’ (Kindred Spirit)

'The flip strapline to Gorna's wordless singing might be Kate Bush meets Flora Purim jamming with Bobby McFerrin, but dropping these names only begins to describe her music'. (The Herald, Scotland)

‘Totally unique... startling and original.’ (Mike Chadwick, Jazz FM, UK)

‘This album is a GIANT: new, retro, orchestral, personal, cinematic... Fantastic!!!’ (Music Outlook, Germany)

‘A gorgeous album featuring the power of the human voice. Absolute passion. A dynamic, compelling work.’ (CD Baby, USA)

‘Timeless and epic.’ (Unknown Public)

‘A major harmony vocal artist... swimming in class... sumptuous.’ (Musician, UK)

‘An incredibly captivating album from a unique artist who has built her own musical cosmos.’ (Folker, Germany)

‘Jarmila Xymena Gorna - remember that name!’ (John Cavanagh, BBC Radio Scotland)

‘Strenuously beautiful and innovative.’ (Jazz Dimensions, Germany)

'Extraordinary music.' (WSIA Fm Radio, USA)




‘Stunning, genius, mistress-piece, magic. What a fantastic talent. Move over Gaga, Enter Jarmila. The perfection of the line, the flavours of the layering, the voice. THAT VOICE! Jarmila's technical and musical knowledge is vast and uber-professional. The synergy of Jarmila's music, voice, creativity, mysticism and her humanity all rolled into her amazing album, Aspaklaria’ (UK)

‘It is Hard Culture, as opposed to soft entertainment. For a moment, reality might seem to waver – giving a glimpse of another, purer, wilder world. It is what I call the universe banging on your heart.’ (UK)

‘This music is incredible: The voice as ‘instrument, weapon, landscape… just fantastic. I can’t wait to hear where Gorna takes this next.’ (USA)

‘How many people do you know who can re-invent singing the way you have? How many people do you know who can walk the line between form and chaos without falling one way or the other?’ (UK)

‘I enjoyed your singing so much. It came from the mouth of heavenly beings. You have a great gift entrusted in you. Guard it well.’ (UK)

‘This is brilliant work! Exceptional, unique talent.’ (UK)

‘Ambitious, generous and triumphant!’ (Germany)

‘She has found her own musical language. This great and beautiful album of soundscapes could easily be the soundtrack of her life.’ (Katharina Franck, Germany)

'Dearest Jarmilka. It is an honour to meet you!!! A great experience in spirituality!!!' (Israel)

'Hashgachah is a musical masterpiece. In all honesty I can't remember the last time I was moved like that by an album.' (UK)

'I enjoyed your singing so much. It came from the mouth of heavenly beings. You have a great gift entrusted to you. Guard it well.' (UK)