i hmm you

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What happens when you are convinced that you’re fated and predestined to meet that one special person? To the extent that you actually love someone you haven’t even met!
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Every day a voice from Heaven says: the daughter of so & so to so & so.
(Talmud, Moed Katan 18b)

בכל יום ויום בת קול יוצאת ואומרת בת פלוני לפלוני
(מועד קטן, יח ע׳׳ב)



I don’t know
In fact I’m sure
We haven’t met
Not in this time anyway…
Not in this world

But this – I know –
I’m writing for us – this song
Planning to greet you with it
When you arrive
Into my life

I hmm you
Ay yay yay
I hmm you…

A little shy
Sweet hesitations
Wavering in between
Yes and no

Stop confusing me, my thoughts!
Stop whispering!
You sing to me in the wrong key.
I sense it though
That my soul knows it all.

I hmm you
Ay yay yay
I hmm you…  

Where are you?
(Maybe not in this lifetime)
Where are you?
(Maybe not in this world)