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Silver Bird - Jarmila Gorna

Music is obviously a constant at Lift Music. It’s one of the great things about working for a library music company that there is never a quiet moment in the office. But, very occasionally a certain piece of music will manage stop you in your tracks. A while ago, there was one such track that was so utterly different from anything I had heard before that I was literally struck dumb. The track was called ‘Silver Bird’ and was by an artist called Jarmila Gorna. At first, I was blown away by how different it was to listen to. It didn’t seem to stick to any of the rules that I thought governed music, as I knew it. The intimate and yet hugely expansive vocalizations soared above massive & evocative strings; there seemed no need for actual words.  It was such a simple track but one that had such a deep emotional resonance. Once I had accepted the difference, I was able to relax and fully appreciate the brilliant newness of it all.

Silver Bird was released on our FLAVA label and now happily has an appropriately unique video to accompany it. You can view it here.

Jarmila Gorna was born into an exceptionally musical family in Poland. Her mother was an opera singer who apparently was on stage singing the night before Jarmila was born and her father was a natural born musician. There was also a rich musical heritage on both sides of her extended family with multi-instrumentalist uncles and klezmer musicians a plenty. As a child, she says she couldn’t resist music. It was and still is her “oxygen”. So, after being nurtured in this musical broth that included jazz, classical music, klezmer, world, swing & rock music too, Gorna developed her own distinctive and truly individual musical style.

Gorna’s choice of title for her debut album was a very conscious thought. The creative process is universally fascinating and resolutely difficult to nail down. The title she chose Hashgachahtranslates from Hebrew as meaning divine synchronicity; those “magic moments from above”It is easy to hear how the sublime wordless communication of Silver Bird was born from this spiritual inspiration.

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Apr 7th, 2016