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Jerusalem Post on Jarmila's music and mysticism

Listening to the music of Jarmila Xymena Górna, to her amazing voice influenced by many musical genres, I would never say it was the Jewish mysticism that inspired this artist who was born in Poland and lives in London. But it did. (Basia Monka, Jerusalem Post)

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Jarmila's ‘musical metaphysics’ in her ‘seductive ethereal garden of sounds and timbres' as reported by the Polish Radio Dla Ciebie

‘It is in this clear lens of Aspaklaria that Jarmila was able to focus the magic of her other-worldly voice with pulsating beats and the incredible, electronically shaped sound expanse… Phenomenal voice…’

‘Wciągający, eteryczny ogród dźwięków i brzmień, zjawiskowy głos…’

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