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The Jerusalem Post on Jarmila's music and mysticism

Listening to the music of Jarmila Xymena Górna, to her amazing voice influenced by many musical genres, I would never say it was the Jewish mysticism that inspired this artist who was born in Poland and lives in London. But it did. (Basia Monka, Jerusalem Post)

'Słuchając muzyki Jarmili Xymeny Górnej, jej niesamowitego głosu zainspirowanego wieloma stylami, nigdy bym nie powiedziała, że to żydowska mistyka zainspirowała tę artystkę, która urodziła się w Polsce a mieszka w Londynie. Ale tak właśnie się stało'. (Basia Monka, Jerusalem Post)

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transparent voices and transparent views of Jarmila Gorna as reported by Radio Sefarad

'Transparent voices and transparent views of Jarmila Xymena Gorna' - Radio Sefarad presents music from Aspaklaria ('transparent lens')

'Przezroczyste głosy i przezroczyste poglądy Jarmili Górnej' - Radio Sefarad prezentuje muzykę z płyty Aspaklaria ('przezroczysta soczewka')

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'Aspaklaria sounds simultaneously innocent and experienced' - a 4-star album review in RnR Magazine

‘… beautiful, ethereal CD of effective dichotomies - even the songs, sounding simultaneously innocent and experienced, also function as huge, wide-opened soundscapes’. RnR Magazine

‘… przepiękna, nieziemska płyta skutecznych dychotomii - nawet piosenki, brzmiące zarazem niewinnie jak i wytrawnie, funkcjonują jednocześnie jako potężne, szeroko otwarte pejzaże dźwiękowe’. RnR Magazine

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Jarmila's ‘musical metaphysics’ in her ‘seductive ethereal garden of sounds and timbres' as reported by the Polish Radio Dla Ciebie

‘It is in this clear lens of Aspaklaria that Jarmila was able to focus the magic of her other-worldly voice with pulsating beats and the incredible, electronically shaped sound expanse… Phenomenal voice…’

‘Wciągający, eteryczny ogród dźwięków i brzmień, zjawiskowy głos…’

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Jarmila's 'musical pearls' from Aspaklaria on Polish Radio 3

Calling Jarmila’s songs ‘musical pearls’, Wojciech Ossowski presents her music from Aspaklaria in his programme Trojkowy Ossobowy on Polish Radio Trojka.

‘Muzyczne perły…’

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woman of worth - jarmila gorna. the gorna method - jarmila's unique teaching system

Hundreds of students have benefitted from this exceptionally effective approach to learning, and for many of her students this methodology has been a real ‘game changer’…

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all those genres and none of the above

What is certainly typical of Jarmila’s music is that it is positively atypical. Like other critics before him, in his review of Jarmila’s album Aspaklaria, Haydon Benfield proposes several different genres in his attempt to classify her style. Art-pop, electronica, experimental, adult-contemporary, jazz, IDM all end up thrown into this cocktail shaker, but ultimately he confesses…

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‘Jarmila Xymena Gorna is like a musical polymath. She’s a bit like the Ibn Ezra, and although he is a medieval Torah commentator and she’s a modern musician - so there’s quite a gap between them, but in a way it’s very much the same kind of ability to do many, many, many things well, all at the same time without seemingly specialising in one, being super confident in all of them...’

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Jarmila Gorna on KZradio השירים שלי הושמעו בתוכנית של דובי לנצ

אנ׳ מאוד נרגשת. השירים שלי הושמעו בתוכנית של דובי לנצ. הייתי רוצה להודות לדובי ולכל המאזינים. מקווה מאוד שנהנתם

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‘Gorna’s choice of title for her debut album was a very conscious thought. The creative process is universally fascinating and resolutely difficult to nail down. The title she chose Hashgachah translates from Hebrew as meaning divine synchronicity; those “magic moments from above”. It is easy to hear how the sublime wordless communication of Silver Bird was born from this spiritual inspiration’.

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