all those genres and none of the above

What is certainly typical of Jarmila’s music is that it is positively atypical. Like other critics before him, in his review of Jarmila’s album Aspaklaria, Haydon Benfield proposes several different genres in his attempt to classify her style. Art-pop, electronica, experimental, adult-contemporary, jazz, IDM all end up thrown into this cocktail shaker, but ultimately he confesses:

‘Aspaklaria, the second album from the London based Jarmila Xymena Gorna, deftly defies glib classification and description. I am not the first critic to struggle with defining Gorna’s sound, which tramps confidently across the musical landscape, with her first record, 2004’s Hashgachah, delighting and dumbfounding critics in equal measure’.

Gorna’s strong vision and obvious talent are clearly responsible for Aspaklaria’s success as an album… light and ethereal…
…Gorna demonstrates her vocal range, which easily extends from warm and earthy through to sharp and airy.
— Haydon Benfield