woman of worth - jarmila gorna. the gorna method - jarmila's unique teaching system

The Jewish Weekly reports on the 4th January 2019: Woman of Worth - Jarmila Gorna

With her unique teaching system, The Gorna Method, Jarmila can be seen as having re-drawn the musical map of Stamford Hill. She is also a positive role model and example to women when it comes to realising their own ambitions…


Dr Shalom Springer comments:

“The real magic is that the method is not constrained or limited to the naturally musically talented, but can transform even the mediocre and those not gifted with natural abilities, into competent and entertaining piano players with all the appearances of displaying natural flair. It can transform lives and hundreds have experienced this metamorphosis and have undergone a lasting, life changing experience.”

The Gorna Method - Women of Worth

For Jarmila Gorna, music is more than a big part of her life, it is her life. As she explains, “I cannot live without music, it’s my oxygen. Music is being created in my head all the time, in everything I do. I am constantly hearing arrangements, melodies and harmonies, as I try to find a quiet space within my busy busy brain for them to…
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